Youth and Transition

“All great changes are proceeded by chaos” by Deepak Chopra

This is one of my favorite quotes. I find with youth it holds healing and validation. This year, this quote has never been truer. After months of chaos, we are trying to resume a semi-normal school year. Yet, this school year won’t be like the previous ones. Not only will they adjust to a new school year format, but reduced contact with teachers, counselors, and peers. Students will also need to study and learn, despite experiencing a country-wide traumatic event.

As professionals, it’s important to recognize and talk about the impact chaos has on youth mental health. As parents, teachers, and mentors, youth need us to be open about mental health and bring healthy coping strategies into their lives.

No one likes changes or transitions, but the realty is they often lead to beautiful beginnings. The beautiful beginning, we have the opportunity to create is understanding and positive acknowledgement of mental health.

Youth are incredibly resilient and have the ability to withstand transition. However, as humans we are naturally inclined towards easiest paths to cope. For some this might be unhealthy eating, self-harm, negative self-talk, alcohol, drugs, and avoidance. Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions have made all of these unhealthy coping strategies easier to embrace.

Here are some COVID-19 proof ways to cope:

Choose prevention

Putting in the work now, helps prevent future struggles maintaining good mental health. Having people around you talk, post, and share about their coping strategies (or self-care techniques) creates a normalized understanding and encourages other to follow through on healthy coping.

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We’re Here to Help You Get Through This

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