Huck House Youth Award Winner James Norvett

Huck House Youth Award Winner James Norvett


James was a victim of a shooting, in which he was shot in the head and his best friend passed away. This young man survived and had to endure months of grueling physical rehabilitation. After fighting through physical and legal challenges, James continued to struggle to show employers that he would be a good employee. He asked the Huck House Youth Outreach Team to help him overcome the barriers between him and his goals. Through hard work and sheer tenacity, James received his degree and started working.

James now works for RAMA Consulting, Inc. where he quickly became the lead field rep for the Blueprint Columbus project. A stand out employee for his strong work ethic and positive attitude, James demonstrates resiliency that is rarely seen among anyone, young or old. James chooses to focus on the learning and growth that came out of his experience, rather than the negative experience itself. His story is an excellent example of how internal perseverance, coupled with connecting with the right resources and mentors, can truly redirect the course of a young person’s life. James is working tirelessly, raising his family and sharing his story with young people who are willing to listen. James is a model of high character, grit and determination.

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