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Healthy Living at Huck-House: 7 Minute Workout Wednesday Eat healthier. Exercise more. Those messages are out there on every platform. But how do you start in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming? One morning I was in the office with a young person talking about the things we liked about ourselves and things we hoped […]

How to Build a Positive Body Image for Your Teen

    Photo via Pexels By Daniel Sherwin   Through a combination of TV, films, advertising, and the internet, teenagers these days are exposed to even more images of what a perfect body looks like than past generations. Social media, in particular, has been extremely damaging, providing a constant feed of “aspirational” images that can […]

Meet Huck House Youth Award Winner, Ivan Vargas. Besides being a well-mannered, respectful, hardworking student, Ivan is a model for true perseverance. Three days after his eighteenth birthday, Ivan was arrested for taking a joy ride on a grocery cart scooter. Ivan was booked with a felony charge and encouraged by his public defender to […]

Meet Huck House Youth Award Winner, Brittney Evans. Brittney was adjudicated from the age of 16 to 20. When her adjudication ended, Brittney had some serious life goals. One she achieved quickly was earning her GED within six months of being released. One she is still working on is regaining custody of her son who […]

Meet Huck House Youth Award Winner, Tekia Farmer. Tekia is a high school senior who is exceptional both in and out of the classroom, but she had to overcome a few struggles to get there. As an underclassman at Walnut Ridge, she struggled with grades and had 10 behavior incidences. Now, Tekia has barely had […]

Meet Huck House Youth Award Winner, Roxanne Johnson. Roxanne has faced several challenges, including teen pregnancy, mental health issues and one of her biggest challenges, a custody battle with her mother over Roxanne’s daughter. Her cousin recommended she go to Huck House, where she found shelter support at the Crisis Shelter. Roxanne has since completed […]