Huckleberry House has developed a workshop series based on the articles that you’ve been reading in our newsletters. Workshops are free and available to any group that wants to sponsor one. The “From Our House to Yours” workshops are tailored for community centers, churches, or the workplace. Sponsoring organizations can choose from five topics. Workshop length is flexible – working well as brown bag lunches or evening presentations.

Workshop descriptions are as follows:

Teens and Communication
Teens want to be understood as much as parents do. Keep the lines of communication open using direct, flexible strategies explored in this workshop.

Setting Limits
Teens still need limits as well as learning about increasing responsibilities. Learn to develop limits that are appropriate for a teen’s developmental stage.

Lies & Confrontations
Lying is often a source of conflict for parents and teens. Understand why teens lie and how to confront unacceptable behavior.

One of life’s most important lessons is that our actions have consequences. Learn how to develop consequences that teach, not just punish.

Teens and Independence
Independence is the ultimate goal of adolescence. Get practical suggestions for helping your teen into adulthood.

Workshop presenters are Huckleberry House staff. Staff receives comprehensive training in the areas of:

  • Adolescent development
  • Crisis intervention
  • Conflict resolution with teens

To schedule a presentation by the Huckleberry House “From Our House to Yours” Community Education Program, please contact (614) 294-8097, fax (614) 294-6109, or email