A Front Door of Your Own

Have you ever thought about all the meaning behind walking through the door to your home? Our front doors are our first impressions and entrance into our private, safe world. Doors protect us from the outdoors and are opportunities to make a statement about the power of the residents living inside.

A special project designed by the Learning and Public Practice team at the Wexner Center for the Arts is giving youth living at Huckleberry House’s Kenmore Square apartments a way to tailor their front doors, with color and image.

Yesterday was the first studio day for the project.  Residents, staff, and new friends from The Wex came together to start imagining. Wexner Center Youth, Community and Family Programs Manager Jean Pitman, shared this account of the session:

“(Artist in Residence) Tala K’anani and I loved seeing all the images of nature: sunflowers, trees and pathways/roads, a rainy day outdoors tucked under an umbrella and the sun rising, birds flying free and blue skies. We also gathered some words (“honesty”, “passion”, etc.), concepts and colorways.  We met new friends and children and beautiful tiny babies!  We snacked and ate Sitiah’s home made buffalo chicken and we chatted and listened to a great playlist created by Mackie. It all ended way too soon!”

We are excited for better weather and paint going up on the doors. Look for more pictures in warmer days ahead!