Last summer and fall, Huckleberry House and six other Columbus agencies participated in A Way Home America’s 100-Day Challenge. The 100-Day Challenge is a project designed to stimulate intense collaboration, innovation, and execution, all in pursuit of a wildly ambitious 100-day goal.

The method was pioneered by the Rapid Results Institute to help communities around the world tackle tough problems. In youth homelessness, these 100-day goals involve ending the experiences of homelessness for a large number of young people in each community. With just 100 days to make things happen, everyone from community leaders to front-line workers are challenged to do their work differently, change systems, and innovate their way to their desired goal.  The compressed  time frame, high visibility, and support from coaches, peers, and federal leaders creates rapid progress. Huck House’s Leslie Scott created this video to share the work of the 100-Day Challenge team, which included the following agencies: